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Captain Peter Wright, Esq. (1740-1821)

Captain Peter Wright, Esq. is my 6th great grandfather. Although he is a very well-known American Revolutionary patriot, and was a prominent resident of his community in Shaftsbury, VT, his ancestry is unknown.

St. George’s Church 1732 – Served as a place of worship for British Loyalists during the Revolutionary War

There is spotty evidence of Peter’s father being Joseph Wright of the Oyster Bay Wrights. Joseph was the grandson of the Peter Wright (approx. 1590-1660) who led the first English settlement of Oyster Bay in 1653. Joseph died shortly before our Peter was born; however, Joseph’s will states that his wife was pregnant, so it’s possible.

We do know Peter was born in 1740 in Hempstead, Long Island and he married Elizabeth Baker in New York on January 9, 1761 at St. George’s Church.  He moved to North Kingston, RI before the revolution and was Captain of the First Company North Kingston Militia.  He also served as a recruiting Officer and a member of war militia service 1780-81-82.

In 1780 he bought a 400-acre farm in Shaftsbury, VT that was forfeited by British Loyalist, John Monroe. The family house (pictured here as it looks today), was built in 1801.

“Brookwyck” Wright-Fuller home in Shaftsbury, VT

Peter died June 7, 1821.  He and his wife were buried side-by-side on the farm.  The farm was then sold to Mr. Fuller (the family of his daughter’s husband).  The bodies of Peter and Elizabeth were later moved to Shaftsbury Cemetery.

Gravestone Records List:  “Peter Wright, Esq. died June 7, 1821, aged 80 years, 1 mo, and 2 days. Elizabeth, Consort of Peter Wright, Esq, died August 16, 1819, aged 76 years, 4 mos, 22 days.”

Peter and Elizabeth had a very large family. Eleven children have been proven, although they may have had as many as 16.


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