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Why do I have this old photo album?

When my grandparents passed, I was given a garbage bag, two shopping bags, and 3 shoe boxes full of pictures and other mementos they gathered throughout their long lives. Towards the bottom of one of the shopping bags I found this gem (pictured above and to the left). I have no idea who put duct… Continue reading Why do I have this old photo album?

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Captain Peter Wright, Esq. (1740-1821)

Captain Peter Wright, Esq. is my 6th great grandfather. Although he is a very well-known American Revolutionary patriot, and was a prominent resident of his community in Shaftsbury, VT, his ancestry is unknown. St. George's Church 1732 - Served as a place of worship for British Loyalists during the Revolutionary War There is spotty evidence… Continue reading Captain Peter Wright, Esq. (1740-1821)